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Improving Exam Accessibility

By The ATA Chronicle | February 12, 2023

As the April 1st beginning of the certification exam year draws near, it’s a good time to look at the progress we’ve made in improving…

“I Failed the 实践测试. 现在?”

“I Failed the 实践测试. 现在?”

By The ATA Chronicle | December 12, 2022

By now most people are aware that taking a practice test is a highly effective way to assess one’s readiness to take ATA’s certification exam.…


Rites of Passage: Selecting and Preparing Source Texts for the 永利登录网址 Exam

By The ATA Chronicle | September 19, 2022

Ask an ATA certification exam grader to name the most difficult thing about the job, and chances are they’ll reply, “passage selection.” You might wonder…


The Ins and Outs of the ATA 永利登录网址 Exam

The ATA certification exam is rigorous and demanding. So, what can you do to prepare and—more importantly—pass the test? ATA certification attests to a high level of professional competence in producing an accurate and idiomatic translation. As expected, the exam…

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