It takes more than just the ability to understand two languages.

Professional translators and 口译员 have the education, 经验, and expertise to understand the nuances in one language and transfer them to another. The right professional will have solid knowledge of your industry and will know how to culturally adapt your content for the target audience you are trying to reach. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it counts.



你不能不这么做. Getting your message wrong can cost money, ruin your image, and even cost lives. Whether you’re having a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign translated or need an interpreter to communicate treatment options between a doctor and patient, 聘请专业人士来完成工作是值得的.

而不是雇佣专业人士, this restaurant used machine translation and did not realize the result was an error message.


ATA publishes articles to illustrate why it is critical to hire qualified translators and 口译员.

Shohei Ohtani’s Japanese interpreter under the microscope

By ATA指南针 | 2024年4月19日

解释, 道德, and the importance of professionalism in language access By: Ben Karl, 詹姆斯·基什内尔, 克里斯蒂娜Guerrero-Harmon, and Jamie Hartz Given that language professionals often work behind the scenes, it’s uncommon for the outside world to take an interest in what 口译员 do. 总部Mizuhara, the now fired and disgraced former interpreter for Los Angeles Dodgers superstar player Shohei Ohtani,…



By ATA指南针 | 2024年4月17日

作者:Corinne McKay, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz lately about the artificial intelligence/machine translation (AI/MT) boom. 毫无疑问, automated translation has come a long way since the early days of Google Translate. But is it, or when is it and when is it not, safe to use AI for translation? 让永利登录网址……


Which Spanish variant should you choose for your translation?

By ATA指南针 | 2024年3月27日

Image generated with Adobe Firefly By Molly Yurick | Compass author The Spanish language is as beautiful as it is diverse. It’s a global language with an estimated 500 million native speakers and is the official language of 21 countries. But every country, culture, and community uses Spanish in its own way. Differences can be seen in vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation,…


Transform Your Site: English-Spanish Website Translation 

By ATA指南针 | 2024年2月28日

By Carolin Menendez | Compass author With over 559 million Spanish speakers globally, the Spanish language offers a sizeable and fast-growing customer base for businesses looking to expand their market reach. 例如, 约1,900 people search Google every month for the very competitive English term “divorce lawyer in Miami.” However, the Spanish translation “abogado de divorcio en Miami” gets…


Video Translation and Subtitling: The Ins and Outs of “Subs and Dubs”

By ATA指南针 | 2024年1月31日

By Olivia Caputo | Compass author Thanks to the success of international blockbusters like Parasite and Squid Game (both originally in Korean), video translation and subtitling have now become hot topics. Lots of people are asking whether “subs or dubs” make for a better or worse viewing 经验.  There are strong opinions on each side but also some helpful general…


The Spanish to English Translation Process: A Translator’s View

By ATA指南针 | 2023年12月1日

As an ATA certified Spanish-to-English translator specializing in medical and marketing translation as well as official documents, my job is not just to change words from one language to another; it’s about bridging cultures and connecting worlds. 我从2006年开始做翻译, 在这个博客里, I want to invite you into my process for bringing a Spanish…



ATA members have a commitment to continuing education and are held to the highest professional standards. Feel secure knowing if you’re hiring an ATA member, you’re hiring the best in the business.


ATA plays a crucial role in helping members pursue the knowledge and skills necessary to help clients reach their goals. 通过他们在ATA的成员资格, translators and 口译员 signal the importance they place on professional education in the service of their clients.


ATA members share a commitment to the ethical business practices that hold their services accountable to the highest possible standards. ATA's 职业道德和职业责任守则 is the basis for a member's honest, 保密, 负责与客户的互动.


ATA’s 语言服务目录 is the largest of its kind in the world. It’s free to use and lets you customize a search for translators, 口译员, 以及符合你要求的公司.


When you are committed to quality, the language professional you need is an ATA member.


Our outreach publication provides up-to-date information and resources about the translating and interpreting industry.



翻译负责写作. 口译员说话. ATA帮助您找到合适的语言专业人员.



There are times when machine translation is useful, and times when it's not. Learn when to use Google Translate, and when to hire a professional.