Advocacy, Impact, and Innovation Awards: Open for Submissions

ATA presents annual and biennial awards to encourage, 奖励, and publicize outstanding work done by both seasoned professionals and students of our craft. Learn more about these awards and how to submit a nomination. Advocacy Award Impact Award Innovation Award These awards are bestowed in even-numbered years. 提交截止日期为5月31日.

EDU-CON 2024

"Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Advocacy Unleashed"

科学 & Technology Division Networking Hour 2024年5月


加入科学 & 技术部为非正式部门, non-recorded meetup where we share experiences and ideas in small groups based on an optional prompt. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, 内向者和外向者都有, 互相学习, 分享故事, 建立新的关系, 或者只是打个招呼. Send your RSVP to……


University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Preserving Authentic Translation from English to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) in the Age of AI


Join the Chinese Language Division for Preserving Authentic Translation from English to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) in the Age of AI presented by Mei Yu Liu (Jill). Presenter Bio: Leveraging her mastery of cultural nuances and 10 years of international trade experience specializing in supply chains, Mei Yu Liu (Jill) transitioned to a 17-year career in…


Attend this webinar to unlock key strategies to enhance your bottom line through effective pricing. If you run a for-profit business, profit maximization is your primary objective. Pricing is a major driver of profitability and an important tool in every business owner’s toolkit. Larger companies can afford to maintain dedicated pricing teams that design sophisticated…

Medical Division (MD) In-person Networking

Guildhouse 420 S. 第一个圣.美国加州圣何塞市

This will be an informal meet up around the corner from the venue for the 2024 CHIA Conference in San José, 加州, 美国. Both ATA members and non-members are invited to join us in a private section of Guildhouse for wine, 开胃菜, 下午6点开始进行休闲社交.m. 到晚上7点.m. 欢迎大家来……



Come get a refresher on all the benefits of your ATA membership! ATA is continuously working to add more benefits for our members. In fact, there are so many, even longtime members might not be aware of everything ATA has to offer! 找出你错过了什么! During this FREE, fun, and informative session,…

Exploring the Depth of the Brain: Terminology for Translation and Interpreting

Unlock the door to neurology terminology expertise and gain indispensable insights for accurate medical, 学术, and research translation and interpreting! This webinar is recommended for translators and interpreters aiming for mastery in neurology terminology. Delve into the nuances of brain-related terminology and gain indispensable insights for accurate medical, 学术, and research translation and interpreting. 与会者……

永利登录网址翻译美国.S. 市场:实用指南

Attend this webinar to explore the intricate landscape of certification in the U.S. translation market and delve into related crucial aspects. 在美国.S. market, ATA certification is a valuable credential. Because this market has no actual licensing of translators, there can be a great deal of confusion among new and veteran translators alike as…

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